Angie Martinez My Voice Book Recap

Reading Angie Martinez book, My Voice, was like walking down memory lane in the 90s. FYI: the 90s was my favorite ERA! Angie Martinez is the G.O.A.T of radio which is why many people referred to her as The Voice of New York. What I enjoyed most about her book is how authentic she was with the lessons she learned in both her career and personal life.  Listed below are my top ten favorite moments from my Big Sis in my head book:

1. If you are anything like me, I love talking about my childhood memories. One of the funniest but not so funny stories that Angie shared was when she thought she was smoking weed with her friends but come to find out it was something else. Chile, I'm going to leave that one there lol. 
2. When she shared her memories of Tupac and Biggie, I literally was crying. It's like as if she was reliving the moment herself that you couldn't help but remember the impact both rappers had on the world. 
3. Chileee her interview with Tupac was so raw but needed. I am such a fan of Tupac and I was so happy that Angie blessed us with that interview. She shared pictures and memorabilia from that night as well. There is also a gem that Tupac shared with her about his thoughts on the mistakes he made in his career and how he felt about them. Ugh, such a good interview. 
4. A characteristic trait that I admired about Angie is that she always wanted to make sure that all of her guests on her show were being represented in a positive way. That says a lot about her character because nowadays some people don't have any boundaries none whatsoever. 
5. One thing as entrepreneurs we don't do enough of is that we don't listen to our body. I had to learn this the hard way just as Angie did. If your body is telling you to slow down, SLOW DOWN. There are many moments that Angie discussed throughout her book on how she should have listened to her body more but she didn't and later the repercussions that followed afterward. 
6. I am really big on genuine relationships and I love how Angie is the same way. She talks about her many friendships with like of Jay Z, Mary J. Blige, Pecas, DJ Funk Flex, her childhood friends, and etc. It just seems like everybody loves this woman and after reading her book, I could see why. 
7. Nah what made me realized that Angie was a real one is when she shared how she wasn't good at managing her money. You gotta read the book to see what bill she forgot to pay and when I tell you that shit got real for Angie...
8. Chileeee her fight with Wendy Williams... Now that was a good one.
9. I remember when 9/11 happen and I was in the 9th grade in Memphis. I couldn't understand how something so horrific could happen and the whole time I was thinking about my family and friends that live in New York. Angie shared her own experiences and how she remembered on that day, how New York came together as one. 
10. My FAVORITE part of the book which I know many of you will be able to relate to is when Angie knew that it was time for her close her Hot 97 chapter. She literally spent her entire adult years there and she expressed that it was easy but necessary. I hope when you read this section in her book that it gives you the courage and motivation to leave a situation that no longer fits you. If Angie can do it, so can you! 

If these moments don't convince you to go and purchase our Big Sis book, clearly you are bugging. It's such an easy read and one of the most down to earth books I've read from a woman in a long time. Comment below and tell me what are some of your favorite moments from My Voice. 

Next up is Believing in Magic by Cookie Johnson. Chile they said Magic Johnson was a beast and the shit I heard he put Cookie through, I have to read for myself. Recap coming soon!