You Can Have It All!

Not only did Cardi B just released her now certified gold album, Invasion of Privacy, but she also announced her pregnancy during her performance on SNL. Yo, when I tell yall I was so happy for Cardi because not only could you tell how happy she was but she also gave confirmation to other women including myself that yes you can have a popping ass career and a family at the same damn time. 

It's no secret that women are constantly being pressured to choose to focus on their career first and to start a family later but for some reason, society feels like we can't do both. I even catch myself focusing too much on my goals and working extremely hard but not putting the same energy into my personal life. Listen I get it. We are all racing against time and we all want to make some coints but who wants to be old running after some bad ass kids? I know I don't. 

Having it all isn't easy especially at the same time but I do believe that having a plan to have it all will make it more manageable. Let me give you an example. I just finished watching Cardi's interview on The Breakfast Club and she said that her pregnancy was not planned. However, she knew that a lot of people are depending on her and she came up with a plan that will keep things going as if she's wasn't pregnant. Sis just dropped an astounding album (BTW comment below and tell me what's your favorite song), she's preparing for Coachella, and she is working on her own clothing line with Fashion Nova. Remind you, those are the things that she is sharing with us for now. I am pretty sure sis got a couple more tricks up her sleeve before her baby arrives. 

During her interview on The Breakfast Club, she expressed her thoughts on the backlash she's been receiving on being pregnant during the height of the career. I noticed that a lot of people including women have been so harsh on her decision on wanting to start a family and I agree with Cardi on thoughts on having both. First of all, she's a millionaire and so is her fiance' (Offset from Migos). Second, she is grown and last but not least, it's her life. We must stop letting others make decisions for us because a lot of people love to tell you how to do it but they ain't never done it themselves. 

So if you find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place on deciding on your career and starting a family, I encourage you to come up with a strategic plan to accomplish both. Life is too short to deprive yourself of the things that you want that will make you happy and I hope one day you just be like eff it and go for it. I hope that we can look at Cardi, someone that is young and talented but focused and as we see, nothing is slowing her down as of yet. Not even a baby bump!