I’ve been a proud member of the B Δ K Sorority Incorporated since early Destiny's Child days. Yesterday the beyhive founder, Beyonce', made history as she became the first African American woman to headline Coachella and once again she proved that she is the best entertainer to ever do it. Not only was this a monumental moment for our founder, but she gave everyone that was watching via Youtube and in the audience a lesson in black pride and higher education.

As a loyal and active member of B Δ K, I was excited to see Bey's tweet telling everyone to stay energized and hydrated because she will be performing at 11:05 PM. Little did I know that meant 2:10 AM EASTERN TIME. When I tell yall I was pissed. Yall know Bey loves stressing the hive out when she knows most of us gotta go to work the next day just like when she released her self-proclaimed solo album Beyonce' at midnight.

Anywho, at first I was like nah girl I gotta go to sleep but what type of member would I be if I didn’t put on for my sis. So yes, I was up with the rest of the world waiting patiently to see Beysus go in on her performance per usual.

There were so many iconic moments that Beyonce' gave us throughout her performance that I had to snatch my own wig off chile. First, she paid homage to Historically Black Colleges and Universities with having her own marching bands and majorettes while showing love to Greeks during her performance. As a product of an HBCU, The Tennessee State University, I couldn't have been more proud to witness such an epic moment. It felt like I was back at my alma mater preparing myself for halftime during homecoming week. 

During her two-hour performance, you could hear excerpts from Malcolm X's speech Who Taught You to Hate Yourself. If you are not familiar with this speech, I suggest you stop reading this especially if you are a woman of color  (but make sure you come back and finish reading my blog :) ) and google it NOW.

In his speech, he emphasizes the beauty of being black and the importance of protecting the black woman. Malcolm X understood that black women are the key to survival to all black men and for a black man to violate a black woman would be as if he is hurting himself. Hence the song, Don't Hurt Yourself on the Lemonade album. 

Oh and let's not forget that sis sang the black version "Lift Every Voice and Sing" and samples from Nina Simone's 1954 version "Lilac Wine". For those of you who are not familiar with Lilac Wine, Nina talks about a lover she lost so she drinks to try to forget him. Beyonce made her own version of this song which we all know as Drunk In Love. Chile yall gon get this 101 Yonce' lesson today baby lol. 

If that wasn't enough to let you know that Beyonce is a strong black woman who can not be intimidated, she definitely reminded everyone of this message through her choice of clothing. Sis opened up her show dressed like the Egyptian queen herself, Nefertiti. In addition, Beysus's dancers were dressed in catsuits with the ancient Greek symbol, the Sphinx. And let's not forget her customized crest that she wore that said "Beyonce' 2018. The crest had a replica of Nefertiti, a black panther, a black fist, and a bee. 

If anybody can hold it down, it's Beyonce'. Who else would you want to celebrate such a historical moment than with your loved ones? Not only did she bring out Jay Z during Deja Vu (did yall notice Jay's hair? I smell a new project releasing soon) and did a cute two-step with Solange during Get Me Bodied, but sis gave us a Destiny's Child reunion. When I tell you I screamed so loud lol. Michelle and Kelly looked so good and that reunion was everything. I love how everytime Beyonce' breaks barriers, she never forgets her people. Holding it down at its finest. 

I don't know why this was so funny to me but did that y'all peeped Michelle crip walking? I was cracking up lol. 

Overall, I can't call it Coachella anymore. For now on, we will only address it as Beychella. Bey gave us the gospel, marching bands, stepping, ballet, the royal family, Egyptian vibes, black panther, the dancing twins, etc. I mean what else does she have to give. Hell at this point she might as well bring the babies out because I can't take it anymore.

I am so proud to witness greatness as history was made from a successful black thirty-six-year-old woman who is married with three kids. Now that's what you called #blackgirlmagic. 

If you want to listen to the full setlist from Beyonce's performance, click here