Drip Drip Juice

Remember the fruit stand I told yall about that my friend took me to? If not, click here. We decided to go back again to purchase passion fruit only to find out they were sold out. I was ready to go but my friend suggested that we walked around and looked for something else to try. FYI, this is an Asian fruit market and they literally have all the fruit that you see and eat while vacationing at a tropical place. 

We came across some cantaloupe and I instantly remembered how much I used to love eating cantaloupe as a kid. So in honor of Cardi B's amazing cd, Invasion of Privacy, it's only right that I name this week's juice Drip Drip. Listed below are the ingredients:

1 Cantaloupe
1 Lime
1 Orange
Thumbsize Ginger 

Cantaloupe contains Vitamin A which is good for your skin and hair. Vitamin A keeps your hair moisturized and healthy thanks to the compound sebum production. In addition, one cup of cantaloupe will be at least ninety-seven percent of dosage that a person would need on a daily basis. 

Vitamin C is good for the building of collagen, which is needed to keep your skin nice and tight. Plus cantaloupe helps with keeping your skin and hair hydrated. While keeping you hydrated, it increases your energy. Yall know I'm a big coffee drinker but I can't drink coffee all day so it's nice to know that I can snack on cantaloupes throughout the day. Last but not least, cantaloupe decreases the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

I would give yall the benefits to the rest of the ingredients in Drip Drip, but what type of blogger would I be if I didn't recommend you to read my previous posts..... 

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Comment below and tell me what are some of your favorite juice recipes.