Nice For What!

Drake never fails man. I woke up this morning getting ready for work and as soon as I opened up Tidal, I noticed that Drake released a new song called Nice For What. Throughout the song, Drake emphasizes that he understands the hustle that women go through on a daily basis. Living in a world where its all about likes, it gets hard trying to keep up and to stay relevant. This song is literally for all the independent women aka #professionalhomegirls out there that's about their coints. Like how can you not relate to this song? Hell, I felt like Drake wrote this song for the kid man.

Even the mix of the song is crazy. Being from the South, I got so hyped when I heard clips from Big Freedia with some samples from Big Tymers and Lauryn Hill, Ex-Factor. Not only does Drake reminds us women on how dope we are but he gave us captions for days. However, he doesn't stop there because the music video is so lit. I'm such a girl's girl so I was so excited to see that Tracee Ellis Ross, Tiffany Haddish, Letitia Wright, Issa Rae, and many more amazing famous women were apart of the music video.  This is hip-hop at its finest with a blend of star power and pure fun!

Overall, Drake gave yall permission to keep yall foot on these niggas necks. Stop being so nice to these niggas and continue to do you boo. Don't forget that you deserve the best and only the best and don't let a nigga tell you differently because they will TRY. Always remember that's a real one in your reflection without a follow, without mention! Word to Drake! 

If you haven't heard Drake's new song Nice For What click here


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