An Annoying Day, Therapy, Honey Jacks, Girl Talk and a Turkey Burger!

While I’m sitting here getting a much-needed pedicure, I wanted to share with you all how emotional and weird my day was. This is probably one of the longest posts I've written so far but I hope that it prompts you to do the following:

  • Start working on some multiple streams of income 
  • Seek therapy if needed; there is nothing wrong with seeking some professional help
  • Always remember shit could be a lot worse 
  • Surround yourself with those that keep you grounded and happy  

Let's start from the beginning, shall we....

I woke up smiling due to the fact that bae was squeezing the hell out of me as he sleeps and girls we all know we love those type of feelings. However, as the day went on, I became very annoyed. I can’t explain what exactly triggered me to become so irritable with every single thing but here are some things that intensified that feeling:

  1. My job is one of the reasons why I’ve been so stressed out but I’m off for the next couple of days so I knew that feeling would soon go away.
  2. I’ve been working extremely hard on PHG Lifestyle Retreats (click here to apply) and that is a job within itself.
  3. I ordered a small in a sample that I working on and they sent me a MEDIUM. Hell, you and I both can fit in that bitch. 
  4. I have yet to receive my tracking number for another sample (as you can see, your girl is over here working) that I’m working on and I paid them this exact time last week.

So yeah, as you can see I was beyond annoyed with EVERYTHING. In addition to being annoyed, I was nervous because I was preparing for my first therapy session. I told myself that once I got in my thirties, I wanted to seek therapy for things that I’ve been battling with since childhood. As you see we all have issues I’m just the first to admit it. Plus for those who have been following me for a while, I lost my Nana two years ago and I’m still having issues with dealing with the fact that she is no longer here in the physical. Click here to read more about how my Nana and I gave Alzheimer’s a hell of a fight.

Anywho I walked into an all-white office with seven doors surrounding me. I don’t know why but I was like  I wondered if I could run through one and come out the other lol. The therapist who I read about came out and greeted me asking me to follow her into Room 5. While sitting on the couch and waiting for her to ask me the obvious questions that most therapists asked, I observed the room that I was sitting in and realized it wasn't so bad after all. I read a lot of horror stories about therapy sessions and I was praying that my session doesn’t go left. 

I explained to her areas that I know I needed work on and how certain incidents that happen to me during my childhood are affecting my adulthood. I always say childhood makes or breaks your adulthood. She explained to me how therapy sessions are operated and it is best if I come once a week to see if the therapist that I’m partnered up with will be a good fit for me. At first, I was like damn girl you already dumping me lol but once she told me more details about my potential therapist I was like iigh girl, say no more. Tomorrow I will be starting my official session so I will keep you all posted on my experience.

Before I continue about the rest of my day because it does get better, I want to encourage you that if you are feeling anxious, stressed, or depressed, there is nothing wrong with seeking professional help. A lot of times we get so caught up in other people’s opinions of therapy but who gives a eff. Nobody is going to hold you down how you hold yourself down so if you need some one to talk to go seek professional help. Trust me, just talking to someone can help in more ways than you think. 

I haven’t seen one of my besties in a while. Y’all might know her as @startingbossy but to me, she’s my Day. I’ve been knowing Sadayia for over six years and she is that one friend that I can tell EVERYTHING to and she will find a way to make me crack up and realize that shit could always be worst. We went out for drinks and ugh I so needed that girl time. It's always important to surround yourself with those who will keep you grounded and happy. So Day if you are reading this which I know you are, you a real one boo!

Overall my day started off kind of blah but with a couple of Honey Jacks and much-needed girl talk, I feel so much better! Plus, bae is on his way to bring me my favorite turkey burger and truffle fries from my favorite restaurant Delicatessen. :)


Comment below and let me know how you deal with an annoying day.