Could You Date Someone That Doesn't Make You Cum?

The other day I was talking to one of my homegirls and she was sharing with me details about the recent guy she is dating. She showed me a picture of him and I was like oh he's definitely a snack! You know I had to ask the million dollar question and man was I so disappointed with her answer.

 She told me that not only did he have a small pencil dick but they had sex four times one night and she didn't cum. CHILE! You didn't do what and you did what how many times? Ain't no way in hell I'm having sex four times with somebody and I'm not benefiting from it. The fuck I look like? Excuse my french but who does that? When I tell you I chewed her out something serious that I know for a fact she would never play herself again. 

First of all, as a woman, it is a privilege for any man to even have sex with you or at least I think so. I make sure that I remind my guy everytime we have sex that being with me intimately is like walking around in heaven. I mean it just gets no better than this. So the least any guy could do to show his appreciation is to make sure that you are completely satisfied by giving you an orgasm. Now I'm not saying that my sex life has always been amazing but I do feel like with age and experience, you and/or your partner should definitely know how to get you to climax. I mean what's the point having sex with somebody if they can't make you cum? Isn't that the ultimate goal or nah? That sounds like a waste of time and a body to me.

Second of all, who wants to get jab FOUR TIMES with a small pencil dick? Where is the girth? And she told me he only last two seconds? CHILE... he would have been annoyed with me. My mouth would have been so reckless lol. I always say give a man two chances to do his thang before you dead the whole situation. Why two? I do feel like the first time anything can go wrong due to nervousness and you just don't know what to expect. However, if you can't bring me to an orgasm during the second time, oh its a dub. 

Now don't get me wrong, if you really like the guy, which I know my homegirl doesn't, I do believe in communicating with him and telling him exactly what you like and what will help you to climax. With the guy I'm with now, I'm so obsessed with him due to our amazing connection. So I wanted to make sure that both of our expectations were met sexually because it would be a damn shame if we couldn't please each other the way we like to be pleased. It definitely takes time to get to know your partner's body but it doesn't hurt to ask what turns them on. 

Plus, if you know you need that extra push to get you going, i.e foreplay, let them know. You know a man can't think on his own (sorry guys lol) and they need our guidance as much as possible. Girl, you better get yours before he gets his because once he does, you know its wrap. 

And if he does get his first, and he's not willing to continue to make sure you get yours, DEAD HIM. Move on to the next. Your box is not charity work and I'll be damn if you continue to add to your body count just for the hell of it. Keep it moving sis! 

Comment below and tell me your thoughts on communicating with your partner about your sexual desires.