Vivica A. Fox's Everyday I'm Hustling Book Recap

For this month's reading for The Homegirls Book Club, I decided to read Every Day I'm Hustling by Vivica A. Fox. I always like Vivica A. Fox as an actress so I was excited to read more about who she is as a person and her rise to stardom. Auntie Viv is a woman of a certain age, so I knew her book would be full of advice on things that we ambitious women can all relate to. Every day I'm Hustling is comprised of five sections ranging from Vivica's upbringing in Indianapolis to advice on knowing your worth whether it's with a job or a man or hell, sometimes both.  During this recap,  I'm going to elaborate more on my two favorite sections from her book that I know my professional homegirls could relate to; Part One- The Start of the Hustle and Part Three: A Troubleshooting Guide to the Heart. 

In Part One: The Start of the Hustle, Vivica made some good points about securing the bag and having the right people around you while doing it. One of my favorite gems in her book is on page 43 where she states," I made the mistake of becoming comfortable in someone else's success." Chile if that's not a word I don't know what is. I have seen so many people riding their friend's success and I could never understand why. Don't get me wrong, you can be happy for your friend and their success but always remember that is their success. Vivica shares a story where she finally decided to move to New York and her friend Jill offered Vivica a place to stay in her penthouse. Now I can't even knock Viv on this one because to have the opportunity to stay in a penthouse in New York with no responsibilities is super goals. However Jill was dating Prince and once that relationship was over with, you know can pretty much figure out the rest. That's why it is always important to make sure you are good through any situation no matter what. 

"Take what should be yours." This is the advice Will Smith gave to Vivica during her audition process for Set It Off. She was asked to audition for TT, the sweet new mom role played by Kimberly Elise, but I'm so glad that she listened to her gut and Will's advice and went for  Frankie's character. This goes back to having the right people around you. Granted being in a classic as Set It Off is amazing, but Vivica did her thang while playing Frankie. Her character is the perfect example of when your back is against the wall and you want revenge. Ok not to go off topic but what I am saying is that to trust your gut. What belongs to you is already yours, it's just a manner of your claiming it. 

My next favorite section is Part Three: A Troubleshoot Guide to the Heart. We all know that the devil will tempt us through our weakness and one common weakness that we all women share is men. I love how vulnerable and honest Vivica was with sharing her stories about her love life. She talks about the many lessons she learned from previous relationships and some aha moments she learned about herself. I know in my love life I have learned so much and I can totally agree with Vivica that when things are not working and bringing you happiness, it is time to let it go. Chile I have held on to some relationships that were passed their expiration date and yall know what happens next, more annoying unnecessary headaches that could have all been avoided. There are so many yasss girl moments in this section because we all can agree with Vivica that the devil is fine and that's how he gets you every single time. 

Vivica is definitely someone I admire and the auntie that we all adore. If there is anything I would want my readers to get from this book is that Vivica went after everything her heart desired. Whether it was acting, the hair industry, and her male show in Vegas, she never quit. One of the reasons why I love reading autobiographies is because you really get a sense of who the person really is in different situations. This is definitely a book for those professional homegirls who want some motivation in building an empire. 

Comment below and tell me your favorite part from Every Day I'm Hustling!