Look Like Us, Sell To Us, But Questions Us For Being Us

I've been working since I was fourteen years old and if there is one thing I know for sure, it is that us black women will stick together no matter what. Only we understand the reasons why we must outwork our white male coworkers, our white female coworkers, and even our black male coworkers. It has been instilled in us at a very young age that we must outwork everyone by working twice as hard and we take that shit to heart. 

We go above and infinite (forget beyond) to make sure that we are the first ones in the building and the last ones to clock out. And let's not forget having our work completed in a timely manner. Hell, sometimes I catch myself doing other people's work just so that my boss would notice that I'm a team player. However, it's very annoying to work in an environment where you can't fully be yourself comfortably. Now I totally understand that appearance is apart of being professional at all times while at work, hence the reason why I name my blog The Professional Homegirl, but some things are literally out of a brownie's control. Now at this point, I know you like chile who tried the kid and even though I wasn't tried, well to my face at least, a fellow brownie was and I caught wind of it. 

 I noticed throughout the years of me working in Corporate America that if there was another brownie that worked at the same job with me, other colleagues would try to play us against each other. When I was an Operations Manager at my last job (click here on how I gave them the deuces) my homegirl put me on to the job opening and helped me secured it with the District Manager. So, of course, I would try to look out for her and put her on to game while working in a predominately white-owned company because that's the least I could do as a token of my appreciation. 

Remind you homegirl was beautiful and was the top producing associate at our store but since we were the only two brownies at the location, they would try to compare her to me. For those of you that are not familiar with how I look, I am 5'6 with a slender frame whereas my coworker at the time is more of a curvaceous woman. We were like night and day when it came to our appearances but that's the beauty of being a black woman: we all come in different flavas and that's what makes us so magical. 

Thankfully we were both on the same page and always made sure to hold each other down when someone tried to disrespect one of us in front of the other. Now here I am at my new job and it feels like deja vu all over again. I have always worked in luxury for the majority of my career but I find it so funny how the industry wants to look like us, sell to us, but questions us when we are just being us. 

Like I said I get it when it comes to being professional at all times, however, if it's humid outside, I can't help if my hair returns to its natural curl pattern. You think I want my hair holding hands with my weave? Exactly. If we are all in uniform and mines just so happen to fit tighter in certain places, I can't help that either. Hell, most of the times, most uniforms are made for a certain body shape so in all honesty, that's not my fault either. Plus, like all of us, I had no control of my genetic makeup.

A lot of things that yall want to question us about is literally out of our control. So please do all the brownies a favor and just mind your business. We deal with enough on a regular basis and showing face for eight hours is a job within itself. The last thing we need is for someone asking us a question only to not respond the way that we really want to.