Boom for Real: The Late Teenage Years of Jean-Michel Basquait

Like you I try to do either two things on my days off: sleep or run errands. I decided to go watch Boom for Real: The Late Teenage Years of Jean-Michel Basquiat and it was so inspiring. There were so many gems throughout the movie and I was just so in awe of how Basquiat never gave up. During the movie, they interviewed Basquait's closest friends and they all said the same thing about him: Basquait knew he was going to be a star. 

One thing I admired about Basquiat is that he didn't limit himself. Not only was he an amazing painter, but he dabbled in other creative outlets as well. For those of you who didn't know, not only was he a painter, but he designed clothes and started his own band. I always tell my professional homegirls that you have to constantly perfect your craft by constantly learning new things. Sometimes we think that by learning something new, it could possibly take away from what we already know which is not true. Everything that you try can all share the same common goal. 

Another thing that I realized is that Basquiat became so influential without the help of social media. The whole time I was just so amazed at how much he accomplished so much just by being himself. I noticed that a lot of entrepreneurs become so frustrated when they don't receive a certain amount of likes on their Instagram pictures. However, it's not about the number of likes you receive but instead, how you make people feel about what you are producing. Basquiat may have been a lot of things but its one thing for sure, everybody loved him because of how he made them feel which was special. 

I mean Basquiat went from being homeless to one of the most influential artists in the world. Plus, I just loved seeing how much New York City has grown. If you didn't know I am New York City's biggest fan and I was so infatuated with the beauty of it in the movie. Between the graffiti, the music, and the culture, I just couldn't get enough of it. Overall, I suggest you go see this inspiring movie ASAP. It is only available in select theatres and if you live in the NYC area and want to go see it, click here.