I Can't Make This Up: Life Lessons with Kevin Hart Book Recap

Now I always respected Kevin Hart’s hustle but after reading his book, I definitely have a new found respect for him. I couldn’t have read this book at a better time. His story was beyond inspiring. I mean to read and visualize his rags to riches story was simply amazing. The funny part is, some people really think he’s an overnight success. However, it took him sixteen years to get to this level of success. Talk about endurance. 

Kevin has always been an open book about his childhood and his family but to actually read about it was hilarious and heartfelt. Kevin’s childhood was somewhat similar to mines so when he shared certain stories I couldn’t stop laughing. His mother was very strict with him and she made sure he was busy at all times just to keep him out of trouble in the streets of Philly. However, his father was the complete opposite. His father had a different approach when it came to raising him and his older brother and it was very obvious but not appropriate. But I like how Kevin found the humor in everything and he did that was his father’s parenting skills. There’s a funny story that Kevin shared where his older brother and father were playing basketball and his father lost the game to his oldest son. Chile, his father came back with a big ass dog and was telling the dog to attack his oldest son. The whole time I'm reading this I can hear Kevin saying his infamous line, " I can't make this shit up."

I loved how Kevin was very transparent about his frustrations on becoming a comedian and perfecting his craft. Here I am stressing out about any and everything when it comes to branding PHG, and I’m reading Kevin’s story saying to myself like girl you got some nerve. Branding yourself and your company is an ongoing process and Kevin learned this earlier in his career. 

During the beginning of his career, Kevin was going by the Lil' Kev the Bastard as his stage name. He would tell imaginary stories with jokes here and there and the crowd would laugh until one day an OG in the game name Keith came up to him and kept it 100 with him. Granted Kevin was making a name for himself but it could definitely be better and Keith saw that potential. After taking advice from Keith, he started doing more research and studying other comedians while taking bits and pieces and making it into his own.  Keep in mind Kevin was dead ass broke. Like there were times he didn’t know how he was going to get to point A to point B but he made it happen. 

I mean there are so many gems in this book that I could go on and on for days. One of my favorite stories was the process of recording his special I’m A Grown Little Ass Man. Just the other day I was watching this with bae and I was like damn you could really see the growth from then until now. So when I got to the part in the book about the one-hour special, did you know he gave almost all those tickets away for free?! I was like nah that’s ode crazy but I understood why he did it. Sometimes you gotta look at the bigger picture and with that, you will have to make decisions that might sound crazy to others. Plus he was dead ass broke during the special. He literally went to the bank to get checks so by the time the check clears, the money would be in his account. He literally had seventeen cents in his account and was writing out checks. Talk about faith. 

Overall if you want to read something that’s going to motivate you to get on your shit, read Kevin’s book now. I didn’t think his book would be this good and it exceeded my expectations. I mean from advice about studying your craft, building a team, and most importantly believing in yourself, how could you not respect his grind and love his book! Plus there’s a section where he’s begging American Express for a black card or just a card period but they still declining him due to him having bad credit lol. I’m telling y’all this book is worth the money.