If It Eats and Shit Like Me, I Don't Want It.

As we all know some habits are hard to get rid of and my ass can't seem to stay on track with my health goals. From eating sweets, preferably chocolate, and not staying on top of my eating habits, I noticed that my skin was not as clear as it was a couple of weeks ago and more breakouts started to occur. Plus, I stopped juicing due to the fact that I couldn't find the time to do it. I was juicing at least once a week and now that completely stopped. However, I found the time to eat unhealthy snacks while at work and that's unacceptable. 

In addition to me not eating sweets anymore, I've been having an on again off again love affair with chicken. Now I know the saying all black people love chicken but not this black girl. Don't get me wrong I will mess up some hot wings but I am starting to realize that chicken is starting not taste the same to me anymore. I know you probably like what girl but its true. I am at the point that anything that can eat and shit like me is starting to turn me off. Plus, the consistency of chicken just doesn't taste the same. Honestly, I am just over it.

I have dabbled in the vegan side and I was impressed with how some vegan food tastes like regular food. I guess the decision has been made and it's time for me to get back in control of my health goals. Don't get me wrong, my skin still looks good but it could definitely look better. And even though I am a slim ting, I could still be in a better shape. I have so much going on in my life and an order for me to be present and perform at a level of excellence in every situation, my eating habits have to get better. The same energy I put into everything else should be the same energy if not more I put into staying on top of my health goals. 

So yes, I'm going to challenge myself and remove sweets and chicken from my diet. Granted I probably eat chicken like three to five times a month but I am completely cutting it out. I can't promote being the best version of yourself to you if I am not holding myself accountable. And yes, juicing will be coming back next week! I will keep you posted with my results and wish me luck on the road back to eating right and taking better care of my body.

Comment below and tell me some ways on how you stay on top of your health goals! Plus if you are vegan, what are some of your favorite recipes! Sharing is caring sis!