Influencer Happy Hour Mixer

I was invited to JxALLURE & PYNK Magazine "Influencer Happy Hour" by my good friend Harrison, who is also the brand ambassador for JxALLURE. JxALLURE is a Brooklyn-based jewelry company that gives clients the luxury of owning handmade custom signature pieces that are worth adding to your jewelry collection. Click here to shop for some of their amazing pieces. 

If you are not familiar with PYNK Magazine, where have you been hiding at?  Known as the go-to source for the fashion-forward, educated, professional, multicultural woman, PYNK is created exclusively for the trendsetters who appreciate music and culture which shows in her choice of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Click here to read some of their stories!

This mixer was such a great opportunity for creatives in different industries to connect over drinks and music while discussing brands, latest music, and ideas amongst each other.  The location was very cozy and equipped with a photo booth, good music, and of course an open bar. Y’all know I had to get a drink or two so I opted for the Pynktini. 





As I was ordering my Pynktini, I saw a familiar face that I haven’t seen in years and it was my good friend Liz. Liz and I went to high school together and we were so excited to see each other!  It was like we never missed a beat. We caught up on what we both were working on and she has an amazing travel agency called Wandherlust Travels. Check it out and tell her the kid sent ya.

Throughout the night I met some amazing women. Between talking to an actress that worked alongside Samuel L. Jackson and encouraging a college student on why she should pursue blogging about Disney and Fashion, I have to admit that it was a great night for networking.

If you have any upcoming events for your brand and would love for me to come, please don’t hesitate!