I Saw Two Interesting Exhibits at Anton Kern Gallery

Your girl has been on the roll lately with these art exhibits. There's so much beauty out there in the world and if you are not able to experience all of it, at least you will be able to experience some of it through me. With that being said, I went to the Anton Kern Gallery and saw I, Photography and The Party exhibits.  


I, Photography is created by Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki and captures the female form and eroticism. If you look closely at the picture below, you will see that his subjects are posing naked in black and white in intimate settings caught in sexual acts. Chile, the whole time I was thinking oh that's how you feel? 

In addition, you will notice that each print has an eye-catching array of paints splashed on the surface. This is a reference to the nature of sexual desire and an ode to Erotos. Erotos is from Thanatos who was the Greek personification of death and Eros the god of love. 

The Party curated by Ali Subotnick is inspired by Blake Edwards 1968 film The Party. Even though I haven't seen this movie, it has been said to be a cult classic amongst many people. It also was said to be controversial due to the fact that a white actor was playing the main character who was an Indian man. Chile you can't make this up lol. India was not having that and the movie was banned in India for several years. 


This exhibit was pretty entertaining and I even made a new friend. Maurizio Cattelan and his parrot friend were very entertaining and I was impressed to know that Sarah knew how to bark like a dog and meow like a cat. Yes a parrot yall lol. I bullshit you not. In addition, there was a room full of yellow balloons and it literally bought out the badass kid in me. I mean as soon as you entered the room, it was so freaking cool and it made me so happy. 

Both exhibits end on August 31st and if you are in the New York area, please make sure to stop by.  For more information, please click here