I Can't Keep Up With All This Good Music?!

What did we do to deserve all of this new music? It's been a long time since we received good music from different artists back to back and I just wanna thank the music gods for pushing through for Summer 18. I mean it's to the point that I have a hard time choosing which artist I wanna listen to first in the morning. Okay maybe you might think I'm being a little dramatic but its true. Here's a breakdown of all the new music I've been listening to on Tidal.

Teyana Taylor finally released her highly anticipated album Keep The Same Energy, produced by Kanye West. I have always been a fan of Teyana and I was anxiously waiting for this project to be released any second on June 22nd. This album gives such a good R&B soul sultry vibe and I just love her voice. Some of my favorite songs off of K.T.S.E are Gonna Love Me,  3Way, and WTP. This album definitely shows how talented she is and I am so looking forward to seeing what she has in store for us in the future.

Now I know we not feeling Kanye West right now, but you can't deny that he is a musical genius. Who has time to produce not one but five albums (Pusha T, Nas, Teyana, Kid Cudi Collab, and Ye') and they all sound so good? Ye' is Kanye West eighth studio album and in my opinion, this is one of my favorite albums from him. Now I know you probably like what girl, but this album gives us more insight on the vulnerable and crazy side of Kanye. It's obvious that Kanye has been dealing with a lot these past couples of years and no I am not making excuses for his latest rants, but you can't deny that his batshit craziness birthed an amazing project. It's so good to me that I don't even have a favorite song on the album.  From start to finish, you can't deny how dope this album is.

Nas is literally everyone's baby daddy so I can honestly care less what comes out of his mouth. Nah I'm just joking but seriously, I always liked Nas music, but I never listened to an album of his straight through. However, our baby daddy did not disappoint on Nasir. I love how transparent Nas is about the gossip of his personal and professional life and the injustice in the African American community. The Queensbridge legend is known for his storytelling ways but on Nasir, I felt like he was reminding everybody why he is a legend. Between rapping about his million dollar businesses, being a fashion icon, and Havard students studying his music, how could you not give credit when its due. In my Birdman' voice, put some respeck on that man's name. 

If Drake wanted to get someone pregnant, all he had to do was look my way. Oh well, can't knock a girl for wishful thinking. Anywho, there have been rumors for months on Drake having a secret child and he definitely didn't hold back on confirming that on his fifth album Scorpion. It was just announced that Drake is the first artist to reach one billion streams in one week. Honestly, Drake never disappoints and always delivers so I'm not surprised with how well his cd is performing. I mean he has a feature from The King himself, Michael Jackson. How can you top that? No seriously "How Sway"?

Now what we all been waiting for, The Carters Everything is Love is finally here. When this album came out, I was at my desk at work and I literally screamed. For the rest of the day, I couldn't work. I was so caught up in this gift from God, that I couldn't concentrate on anything else but it. This album is the epitome of black excellence at its finest. There are so many gems that Beyonce' and Jay gave us that it's to the point that everyone should be inspired by their union and work ethic.

We all know that anything worth having is worth fighting for and its evident that The Carters have the same mentality as well. From songs that encourage you to stick with your day ones and believing in yourself no matter what, this is the perfect music to help you get back on track to following your dreams. Hell if a little boy from Marcy projects who is now our favorite rapper that is married to our favorite singer can do it, there are no excuses for why you can't. 

Now I am no music exec but I do know good music when I hear it. With the list I just provided yall with, it should be no reason why your playlist is trash. I am always looking for new artists to listen to so please comment below on what's on your playlist. 

P.S. I am anxiously waiting for Queen by Nicki Minaj to hit Tidal.... yes I am a Barb!