My Love/Hate Relationship with Instagram Algorithm

As we all know, Instagram decided to switch it up on us and instead of seeing posts from our followers in chronological order, Instagram came up with this genius idea (I'm being so sarcastic here) to only showcase more of those feeds that have more interactions on them. Shady right?! So we both could be following the exact same account but depending on who interact with that account the most, will more than likely get a personalized feed of that account. Confusing right! However, you can still see someone's feed only if you keep scrolling. *inserts side eye*

Here are three ways to get ahead of Instagram Algorithm:

1. Engagement: This is essential! The posts with the most likes, comments, shares, views, etc. signals to Instagram Algorithm that these posts are of better quality and will more than likely put you at the top of the ranks and show it to more of your followers which can potentially show it more of their followers. So if you take dope pictures like myself (click here to follow me on IG) and people are in love with your content, everything should be all good right? Somewhat. You also have to take into consideration that it also depends on how long it takes you to get those likes, comments, shares, views etc. This is why it is important to know the best times to post to receive the most engagement by knowing your insights on your target market. 

Also, three things to consider to get more engagement: 

a. Is your caption catchy and provides a call to action? You have to catch your audience's attention by any means necessary nah'mean. (Okay that's a Brooklyn saying and it cracks me up every time I hear but back to the story lol)
b. Hashtag is key! I've been hashtagging my ass off and it does work. Once I feel a little more confident in this, I am going to share with you some tips that helped me grow my IG page. 
c. Is your Instagram page sexy? Yes, you read it right! Is it aesthetically appealing? Always remember we see before anything else, so make sure it worth the stare. 

2. Post During Active Hours: Chile, try not to post anything while your followers are sleeping. I know you want to surprise people with your dope imagery but Instagram Algorithm is not here for the shits. The goal is to get as much engagement on your posts as possible so post only during those times when your audience is most active. Statistics state that the best times to post on Instagram is Tuesday-Friday at 9 am- 6 pm. In other words, when people are at work and "working" but we all know what's really going on. In addition, Thursday is the best day to post and Sunday is the least engaging date to post. You could also use your Insights from Instagram business tools (which is in your profile) to help you determine the best times as well. 

3. Posting Instagram Stories: Listen, the hustle is real. Instagram Algorithm is not playing fair and they want you to work for every like, comment, share, view on your post. Instagram Algorithm considers all types of engagement and gave us some leeway by providing interactive tools that will help us get in the higher ranks. What interactive tools do you ask? You now can add polls, questions, like meters, etc. to your stories and the more people that engage with that story, the better it pushes your posts into the feeds of others. Also, going live will help as well. Every little bit counts. Oh wait I almost forgot! Make sure that when you are posting on your story, make sure tag everyone and/or everything in your story. Instagram added a  new feature that allows people to share your stories (only if you mentioned them) to their stories. So tag away sis! 

Instagram is not as easy as it used to be but that's okay because Instagram Algorithm will bring out the best in you. How? If you want to reach the masses, sell your shit, and do it all over again, you have to play by their rules. If you can't beat them, join them. And when you do join them, beat them at their own game. How to do that? Deliver your best through every photo every single time.

Here are some tricks I use to help me with more engagement:

1. Take dope ass pictures. No filter either please, just brighten!
2. Make sure to include the location in a hashtag and in the location section. By using both options, you open your page to more followers when people are searching for something in particular. 
3. Content is key! Make sure you have something to back up that dope ass picture! 
4. Have fun! I used to hate Instagram and now I can't get enough of it! We only hate what we don't understand, so make it work for you and you not work for it. 

I hope this helps and comment below on some tips and tricks you use that might be helpful to the next Professional Homegirl! BTW, that last pic you saw on my IG, go double tap that for the kid!

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