Cleo Wade Heart Talk Recap

Someone recommended this book to me and I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed reading this breathe of fresh air. Heart Talk by Cleo Wade was such a beautiful and refreshing read. It is a mixture of poetic wisdom that I think everyone can use in their everyday lives. Every now and then we all seek reassurance in both our personal and/or professional lives and Heart Talk is a perfect read that will help ease any nervewracking emotions. Listed below are fifteen quotes that are my personal favorites that I know will help any Professional Homegirl out through any situation. 

1. We take care of ourselves by lightening up and not being so damn hard on ourselves. 
2. Don't allow the energy of procrastination to create a staleness surrounding your dreams. 
3. Change is necessary. 
4. When we understand how to feel grateful for what we have, we are free from the uneasy state of constantly wanting. 
5.  We become the stories we tell ourselves, so it is crucial that we, as narrators, frame our experiences with thoughts that heal, nurture, and motivate us. 
6. Love yourself enough to walk into only the rooms and situations that show care and love for you. 
7. When we know our value and can express our value, we are able to teach others how to honor what we bring to the table.
8. Allow yourself to be flexible. 
9. The best thing about your life is that it is constantly in a state of design. 
10. Find gratitude in your life story. 
11. Keep going. 
12. Do not ignore your intuition. 
13. Letting someone know that you believe in them is one of the most fundamental acts of kindness. 
14. Be the reason someone realizes how simple it is to be nice. 
15. Just because someone disagrees with us does not mean that they are against us. 

Comment below and tell me what is your favorite part from Heart Talk!