Naked Women and Interesting Sculptures!


Chile when I tell you I was determined to see these two exhibits at The Hole. You know its serious if I choose to visit the museum over actually eating on my lunch break and if anybody knows me, I love to eat. I literally had two days left to see both Extra and Gulp and it was either go on my lunch break or missed the opportunity. As you can see, eating was not on my to-do list that day. Granted when I got there, I was praying that I would find someone who would be nice enough to take my pictures and I did. Shout out to my new homegirl Abigail! You definitely looked out for the kid. 

Since I only had thirty to forty minutes to spare, I knew I had to get in and get out with as much information as possible. The first exhibit I saw was Extra, a collection of sixteen paintings full of big women, whether it was in body or spirit, illustrating their love and pride for who they were unapolgetically. Multiple artists illustrated their interpretation of curvy women and every single one of them was giving me life. The images showed women being confident and strong which I think it needed in today's society because women are each other's worst critics. 

When I first heard that the exhibit was called Extra, I instantly thought of how people used it as slang. You know like you being extra aka annoying. However, I liked that they named it Extra because it shows women in their rawest form, just being themselves. So what might be extra to you is just the norm for the next person. 

Gulp, created by Drake Carr, is an installation of figurative sculptures composed into two parts: combining details from his own life with infusions of social and political matters. I have to admit that when I first walked into this section of the museum, I was like what the hell is this but after reading more about what each sculpture means, I understood it more. I like the fact that the sculptures gave you room to interact with them as well. Plus, I haven't seen anything like this since I started back my love affair with art. This is  Drake's first time debuting his first solo exhibition in New York and I was happy to be a part of it.