New Hair, Who Dis?

After my Nana passed away, I went through a serious stage of depression. I fell behind on payments, my skin was looking crazy, and my hair was falling out. I literally looked like an extra from The Walking Dead. Fast forward to now, I am in a much better mental space and I’m ready to share my hair journey with you. I haven’t been the best when it came to taking care of my hair and I can admit to that. However, it is time for me to hold myself accountable and to have the same energy I do with everything else, towards my hair. 

I’ve been looking for a hair stylist to properly treat my hair for the longest and it has definitely been a struggle. Y'all know it's some hair stylists out there that will literally give you what they want (you read it right) and will have you waiting for hours just to finish your hair. Plus, I don’t like when hair stylist is judgmental and ask you a list of questions just to make you feel even more guilty with your hair. I mean I know that I've been irresponsible and lazy with my hair but I don't need any more reminders stating the obvious. Granted, I have a lot of hair that's nice and thick, but I became so accustomed to wearing wigs that I forgot about the importance of taking care of my own hair. My weave/wigs would be laid to the gods, but underneath it, a hot ass mess.

I discovered Kaie on Instagram (click here to see her work) and was very impressed with her work. I mean she can cut, color, and silk press some natural hair out chile. I’ve been natural for over ten years but I haven’t found someone that was patient with me on teaching me how to properly take care of my hair while providing services that are specifically for my hair type. I literally went through her entire feed and I was convinced I found my girl. After a failed goddess locs appointment (post coming soon), I was calling Kaie nonstop to squeeze me in for an appointment and she agreed only if I was to get there before her 4:45 appointment arrives. When I tell ya I got on the train so quick, I ain't grab no shoes or nothing! (Yall remember that from Sweet Brown? lol) When I arrived, she told me her 4:45 appointment canceled and that's when I received confirmation from the hair gods, that it was meant to be. 

After washing my hair and combing through it, Kaie asked me about my hair goals and offered tips on how to achieve them in a realistic time frame. I was at ease knowing that I could finally talk to someone about my struggles with my hair without being ridiculed. After I sat under the dryer for a quick second, she blowdried my hair out and we discuss my trim. I told her to cut everything off because I know that my hair will grow back in no time especially since I am about to be super obsessed with it. We discussed different styles that would require low maintenance and we both agreed that the ponytail look would be a perfect introduction to wearing my hair out for the first time in years. 

I haven't seen my real hair look this good since never! Yall when I say I can't get enough of this look, it is so giving me Kelly Rowland vibes. I am so looking forward to the endless possibilities of trying new styles with my hair and I can't wait to share them with all of my Professional Homegirls. But, let's not get it twisted, I am going to continue to rock my wig/weaves here and there, however, I will no longer continue to be a slave to them. 

Comment below and tell me what's some of your favorite hair products. Also, I'm looking for some hair vitamins... any recommendations?