Beyoncé September Vogue Issue: In Her Own Words

I just finished reading the September issue of Vogue and Beyonce' is gracing the cover with the title, " In Her Own Words". This is the most heartfelt piece I have read from Beyonce' in a while and it was so well written. She expresses so beautifully the struggles we all can relate to and when I say we all, I mean black people. After reading her thoughts on how she feels about representations, body shaming, generational curses, and most importantly, constantly creating, how can one not relate to sis? How Sway How?

How blessed is 23-year-old Tyler Mitchell to be selected to photograph Beyonce' doing this shoot? Plus, he made history by being the first African American photographer to shoot for the cover of Vogue ever. That's how you looked out for people. Beyonce' made a valid point that it's important for people in power to hire and collaborate with people from different cultures because it shows that everyone has a chance especially those who don't feel like they have a voice. There is so much beauty out there in the world so why not experience it by working with someone that's completely different from you and your experiences. 

Beyonce' opens up about how she listened to society on how she should look after giving birth to Blue and how she pressured herself to losing the baby weight in three months. Plus she scheduled a small tour at Atlantic City and I remember that tour because I was there. Throughout the entire performance, I was convinced that Beyonce' was and still is a robot because it's no way she just gave birth and was able to perform the way she was. I remember her saying after the show how crazy she was because she thought she was ready to come back and tour but she wasn't. This is a perfect lesson that I think we can agree on which is to only agree to do things when you are fully ready. Don't let anyone or anything rush you. This is something I am working on myself. 

It's no secret that Beyonce' is just like us when it comes to having family matters. I just got off the phone with my little sister and we were just discussing our own family issues and I told her that its time to break our generational curses. Beyonce' spoke about her own generational curses that caused broken male-female relationships within her own family and how it played a role in her relationship. I love how Bey is being so raw and transparent about topics that we all could relate to but for some reason didn't think she could because of who she is. However, after reading this interview, I realized that Beyonce' is just like every woman who is trying to become the best version of herself with her family, her career, and most importantly herself. 

Ugh, her thoughts on freedom spoke to my soul. Even though I drive myself batshit crazy with my ideas, I am the happiest when I am creating content. It gives me such a high and the results and reactions I received from my Professional Homegirls just motivates me even more. Like Beyonce', if I am not creating content or dreaming of the endless opportunities that life have to offer, I am not content. It took me a long time to find my way and I have never been so in love with a company as much as I am with The Professional Homegirl. 

Overall, this was such a good read and to finally hear Beyonce' speak on the things that mattered most to her was refreshing. She said so much without having to go into such great detail. I have been a fan of Beyonce' since Destiny's Child days and to witness the growth of her into a wife, mother, and the number one artist in the world gives me hope that I can do anything. *cues Nice song*