Meet Our Professional Homegirl of the Week: Claudiane Philippe

1. Social Handles (personal and business)

Personal: @cphilipp // Business: @nailthecocktail 

2. What do you do?

Full time I work as a health care data analytics consultant. I work with the nations largest pharmaceutical companies and research firms so bring real world data to studies changing the course of healthcare delivery. Outside of that work I have a blog that features cocktails throughout the city of Boston. It’s become a social media marketing platform used by restaurants, bars, and spirit companies. 

3. What motivates you?

I get the motivated when I see the product of my work coming to fruition and being enjoyed or celebrated by others. I also love getting feedback and messages from people telling me how much I’ve helped them. This goes for both my full time job and my blogging business. 

4. How do you balance with your career, side hustles, and your social life?

I had to find a way to marry the two. My career will be here all the time. I have to do my job. For my side hustles however I have found a way to incorporate it with my social life. I take a lot of my friends with me on my blogging events, parties, dinners etc. it gives us a chance to catch up, talk, laugh and they can see and help me create content for my blogs!

5. What does Professional Homegirl mean to you?

It’s a networking community of like-minded women. A lot of people tell me I’m a role model or inspiration but at the end of the day I look for role models and inspirations outside of myself.  Professional Homegirl is one of the many ways I can achieve that.  

6.What advice would you give to young women that want to pursue their dreams?

Just start now. Procrastination is your enemy. You don’t have to be perfect to start but you have to start to become perfect.