New York Fashion Week: Global Fashion Collective I and II

New York Fashion Week is amongst us New Yorkers and I am so excited that I was able to partake in the festivities. I attended the Global Fashion Collective Show at Pier 59 and I was impressed by the fashions that were created by the designers. Here are some of my favorite designers from tonight's show that I'm obsessed with:

Kim Tiziana Rottmuller collection was so captivating! I wanted to run on the runway and steal every piece off of every model. Kim is a German designer whose signature lies between provocative and feminine yet playful. The collection Oblivion is an infusion of witchy-diva like and seductiveness with a mixture of spirituality and symbolism. The massive strips, embroidery, and print represent how we can get lost in our personal thoughts and feelings in a metaphorical way (whew chile, that was deep). The witch symbolizes our inner magical powers, which is supported by tarot cards in the clothes. You noticed throughout the pictures that there is a lot of soft purple which symbolizes the color of spirituality which brings lightness into the darkness, hence the color black.

Nozomi Kuwahara' s The Vacation in Hawaii collection was inspired by his trip to Hawaii. There were so many colorful outfits that it reminded me of rainbows, flowers, and tropical fruits, which are some of the beautiful things you can find in Hawaii. Between the vivid colors and soft and textured fabrics, I was beyond mesmerized by this designer's collection.

Kristen Ley is an award-winning Canadian couture designer who has recently launched her very own pret-a-porter line. She creates one of a kind designs with a mixture of structurally bound garments with flowing silks. I must admit that her designs were so beautiful and the colors were perfect. Crimsons, rich dark blues, and bone with the signature colors for the collection Mitosis. The meaning behind the collection means to leave one version in the past while moving forward with the new version.

Chinese designer Han Zhang is inspired by ethnic Chinese cultures with a focus on embroidery works, Chinese reds, and contemporary fashion concepts. This collection was unique and I love how a young girl opened and finished the show. I have never been a fan of red but after seeing this collection, I am sold.

I enjoyed this fashion show so much and I am so happy that I was able to attend it. What are some of your favorite pieces from the designer's collection? Comment below!

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