On Canal

If there is one street that everyone is dying to visit while in New York, its Canal Street. From questionable food options, loud truck deliveries, tourists everywhere, and uncontrollable amounts of garbage, Canal Street is definitely the place to be. Being one of the busiest streets in New York, it was such a genius idea to place various art exhibits in the middle of Canal. With the hopes of bringing more New Yorkers back to Canal, ON CANAL: A District for New Ideas will host experience installations which include virtual reality, LED video paintings, and much. Created by artists from Wallplay (a platform that creates installations in empty retail stores) and Vibe Studios will create installations based on topics that are relatable or discussed by the general population. 

This was so cool! The lights were just captivating! DiModa uses tools that are tech like magic to achieve the overall ambiance and it was just so cool. I called this shot thinking outside of the box.


I am a sucker for flowers so I had to get a picture of this wall. Created by Caroline Larsen, KATSU's drone-like paintings are created by attaching spray cans quadcopters. Talk about being creative and I can barely color inside of the lines. LOL 


Guess Who?


I was able to check out two spaces so far but I will keep yall posted! Check back soon! For more details on On Canal, please click here