Daniel Arsham 3018 Exhibit

3018 is one of the coolest exhibits I been to in a while. Even though it was so simple, I was blown away. Daniel Arsham joined Perrotin Gallery in 2005 and this is his fifteen exhibition with Perrotin. If you are familiar with his work, you will notice some similarities from his previous collections such as signature forms and strategies recurring. 3018 is Daniel's vision of the future infused with culture as we know it today and objects of the modern life.

The ground floor is transformed into a garage with two cars and a pile of garbage stacked so neatly in the middle of the exhibit. When I first walked into the exhibit on the main floor, I instantly thought Back to the Future (which I was right). Both cars are recognizable for their pop cultural impact and if you look closely, the cars are in a state of decay revealing a crystal-like mineral underneath it. Ugh, the crystals looked so pretty.

The second floor was liking down memory lane with a few familiar cartoon faces. These familiar faces are oversized and covered in all white bondage. I like the fact that the entire exhibit is all white and it just makes you really concentrate on what is important, which is the art. My favorite part of the exhibit is the word FUTURE written on the wall. It was just so bold and it made me think about what's to come in all aspects of my life.

If you are in the New York area, I suggest you stop by and visit 3018 at the Perrotin Gallery. It is definitely a must see! Click here for more information.