Parasol Projects Presents The American Dream Room 2018

Hi, dolls! I know you missed my writing because I actually missed writing. I've been so busy lately and I am in the process of moving into my new home! So the kid has been BUSY but I am back with some new content. So yall know what to do, grab your coffee and snacks and let's begin...

I went to the grand opening of Parasol Projects presents The American Dream Room 2018 by Pia Sawhney. Parasol Projects provides short-term rental spaces in NYC to artists that want to bring their artistic ways to their audience whether its art exhibits, fashion projects, and other events, Parasol Projects will have you covered. Pia Sawhney is a contemporary American self-taught artist (now that's boss) and always knew that she would be an artist one day. She went to NYU to receive her bachelor's degree in economics and finance which later helped her dream of becoming an artist into a reality.

Fast forward to now, The American Dream Room 2018 is Pia's first solo installation. This is an invite into her world as you can see it being playful mixed with surrealism and a hint of darkness. When I first saw the installation, I felt like an extra in Barbie's World. Everything was just so cute and pink. FYI: For those of you that didn't know this, I am obsessed with pink and Barbie. LOL.

This event ended on September 23rd but yall know I came through with some pictures for yall.