The New York Magic Lab!

Yesterday I was invited to the preview of The New York Magic Lab Immersive Art Exhibit and it was so cool. Nah like really cool. The Magic Lab is the first exhibit for New Yorkers to experience magic at its finest this fall and it is full of fun, laughs, and more surprises. There are seven rooms with different themes such as Magic Lab, Poker Tunnel, and The Wander Space that will leave you speechless. This exhibit is powered by the latest emerging technologies including Augmented Reality (AR), Projection Mapping, and Holograms to revolutionized pop up art installation industry and elevate immersive art experience to a next level. Plus, I had the pleasure of meeting Ben The Magician and chile he had me stressed. He did some trick with a ring moving from finger to finger and swallowing quarters and making them disappear, I mean chile it was too much for the kid.

The Magic Lab launches today and I know you will love it! I mean have I steered you wrong yet? Exactly. For more information and how to purchase tickets, please click here.

In the meantime, check out my pictures below!