29Rooms NYC: 29 Reasons Why You Should Visit

Located in the heart of New York City, Brooklyn that is, ya girl was cordially invited to Refinery29's 29Rooms. 29Rooms is an interactive experience designed by retail brands, artists, celebrities and other creatives that touches on topics that are popular amongst today's culture. Launched during New York Fashion Week, this instagrammable experience is centered around the theme, Expand Your Reality. With the mission to expose people to new ideas and artists, guests will be able to tap into their creative juices with the help of imagination and inspiration. Listed below are my 29 reasons why you should visit 29Rooms:

1. You might see some of your favorite local artist's work because New York's artists were used during this experience. Major shout out to Uzumaki and her room, Teen Bedroom. One of my favorites!
2. If you are into crystals, wellness, and astrology, you will love the You Are Magic room in collaboration with The Hoodwitch (everyday magic for the modern mystic). This room is dedicated to setting your intentions so set them high!
3. Midterm elections are approaching us soon and there is a room expressing the importance of voting! Ace the Midterms room is in collaboration with Yara Shahidi and Eighteenx18. I see you Yara! Talk about Black Girl Magic.
4. Want to learn more on how to manage your money better and get rich? Check out this room Money Mantras in collaboration with Money Diaries. Money Diaries is a book that will help you learn everything you need to know about finances and everything else. I will definitely be reading this and doing a recap soon for The Homegirls Book Club.
5. There is a Smirnoff bar located on site for those who need a nice refresher throughout the installation. Plus, there is a cute photo op as well.
6. Love a good game show? There's a room dedicated to the classic game shows while focusing on the importance of KNOWING YOUR RIGHTS. Each spin will teach you what to do during different scenarios. 
7. If you need help with finding inspiration for your own art, you are at the right place.
8. One of the main objectives is to create more human interaction and not rely so much on technology. So be ready to make some new friends.
9. If you are a kid at heart like me, some of the rooms will make the inner kid in you smile from ear to ear. 
10.  Once you purchase your tickets, you will have a three-hour window to fully enjoy this funhouse. 
11. It's during New York Fashion Week! More than enough reasons to come out and slay!
12. Each room has a message that will guarantee motivate you to become the best version of yourself. Aldo Artcade room in partnership with Aldo will encourage you to take a chance, shoot for your dreams, dance your heart out while walking away as a winner.
13. Who doesn't want to receive a love letter from a potential bae? Love Letter to the World in collaboration with Cocovan illustrates that if there is one thing that we all can agree on, it's that the world could use a little more love in it. Spread love, it's the Brooklyn way.
14. There is only one you so no matter what be yourself at all times. Shake It Out in collaboration with Egle Zvirblyte room expresses the importance of this. 
15. When one door closes another door opens. Trust! Check out Dream Doorways in collaboration with Kali Uchis as she demonstrates that through her room. 
16. Every single room is Instagram worthy! Now pose for the camera and click, click, click! 
17. If you are constantly on the run like me and always stopping at your local newsstand to grab little things here and there, you will definitely be in for a treat at The Value Stand room.
18. If you are obsessed with art and how it moves you, 29 Rooms is certainly the place for you. 
19. If you are a product junkie like me, you will be in for a treat with the Revlon and Dr. Jart installation. 
20. Bring your dancing shoes with you! Inner Beauty Ball in collaboration with House of Yes will put you in the mood to forget about all of your worries and dance the night away. 
21. If your dreams don't scare you, you are not dreaming big. 29 Rooms dare you to dream bigger by exemplifying that message through the entire experience. 
22. If you ever wanted to write a letter to yourself as a kid, there's a room for that too. I wrote a sweet message to myself and to my first born, PHG.
23. A portion of the ticket sales is going to the American Civil Liberties Union,  a non-profit organization that defends and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States.
24. There is always something new to learn and 29 Rooms accomplished that by providing information that will provoke you in more ways than one. 
25. You never know who you might run into while visiting this talk sought out event. Keep your cool though unless its Beyonce'.
26. If you are obsessed with 29 Rooms and want to leave with something besides pictures, merch is available on site. 
27. Not only is there is a Smirnoff bar but there is a snack bar as well with delicious lite bites.
28. We all love a good selfie and there are so many sections with good lighting for you to capture the best selfie. 
29. Last but not least, I know what's best for you! Have I steered you wrong yet? 

Overall, I am so happy I was invited to experience 29 Rooms Expand Your Reality.  This will only be available to New York for a few days and I suggest you purchase your tickets now before its too late. Click here for more information.