New Year, Same You!

We made it through the first week of the year peeps. How many of y’all have made New Year’s resolutions? Like “I’m cutting off that f@$kboy/girl” or “I’m gonna cut off that petty bitch Crystal” #thesehoesaintloyal. Sis/Bruh stop it! Your gonna call Marcus fine ass and Becky with the good hair come February 10th like “Will You Be My Valentine?” So, let’s just be realistic for a second. If you’re going to do something then just do it. If you want to go somewhere then go! If you know you need to lose twenty pounds, just do it! If you know Marcus is trash cut him completely off and if you know Becky is cheating on her boyfriend with you, then she’s trash too! Let go of all that bs for once and for all! Why wait?

I have always loathed the statement “New Year, New Me.” I think its so dumb. Like actually stupid. What do you think happens at 12:00 am when the clock strikes? Oh, you're suddenly changed? Habits that have taken years to develop and evolve will suddenly modify? Or relationships that you’ve invested time, love and money into will suddenly be perfect? Let me tell you what your friends won’t say. THAT’S NOT REALISTIC BOO BOO!! You have to make a plan and set it in motion with discipline and intention.

Listen I’m a firm believer in the cut off okay? Ok! Friends, family, significant others and/or whoever can get it. To me, it doesn’t matter. I always say people are people and will always do what is in their best interest. So, take a page from their book and do what is best for you. Take time for YOU! Be selfish! It’s ok. We often think that we shouldn’t take time for ourselves and who says that’s wrong? It’s so necessary for this thing called life. Even God rested on the seventh-day sis. And I know you’re not busier than God so chill!

To help you align yo shit, imma give you a tip. Make a vision board. I know they’re not as popular as they were in 2015 but they really do work. I’m a huge fan and believer of the vision board. I believe that if you have an image of the things you want right in front of your face, you are forced to look at it every single day. Then you are subconsciously and consciously going to set a plan in motion to get it poppin. Manifest what you want and who you want to be by believing you have what you deserve and realizing what's for you is already yours. New Year, Same You unless you prepare for otherwise.


Written By: Yanni

Baltimore, Maryland

Professional Makeup Artist