Beauty Product of the Week: Coty Airspun

For those of you that didn't know this but I am super obsessed with Sephora. Like almost every day I am in Sephora either buying something I told myself I absolutely need or sampling something I either heard or read about. I love to kee kee with some of the beauty consultants at Sephora and at that moment I was looking for a translucent setting powder. Instantly she recommended Coty Airspun and told me that this is a favorite amongst the drag queens community. Even though I never heard of this product, once she told me that, I was sold.

She told me that this product is located at any drugstore and its super affordable. Chile when I tell you I ran to the nearest drug store so quick, I ain't grab no shoes or nothing! Remember that? Lol. Anywho, so of course, when I arrived at Duane Reade, it was hard for me to find this powder so I had to ask one of their beauty advisors. She found it for me (Thank God because it was only three left ) and was telling me how this product is always sold out. At this point, I was convinced that this powder was the truth.

Yall know I was anxious as hell the next morning to try out Coty Airspun and this setting powder is the absolute truth. I know I keep saying “it’s the absolute truth” but it really is. I have tried numerous setting powders but this is by far the best I ever had. My job literally feels like I'm on the plantation and this setting powder helps my under eye looking fresh and crease free. Under eye skin is one of the most sensitive areas on your face and since my eyes are big, you can really noticed when I am exhausted. Even during my rigorous days, my face is on point throughout the entire day. Listed below are some reasons why I am obsessed with Coty Airspun:

1. It hides tiny lines, wrinkles, and blemishes to give a flawless finish.

2. This powder is long lasting and will have your face on point all day! Plus, it's super lightweight! Honestly and truly!

3. Its super affordable and gets the job done!

Honestly, I don't think that I will ever use anything else because this product is really that good. I normally add a link to purchase the recommended product but you can literally go to your nearest drug store. I swear you will thank me later!

Comment below and let me know your favorite setting powder.

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