My Birthday Trip in Tulum!

Okay, so I know this recap is long overdue but your girl is just getting back into the groove of things. Yall know the struggle between working a 9-5, making my dreams into reality, and having a life is real! This year for my birthday, I always wanted to go to Tulum and after my visit, it is now one of my favorite places to visit! Tulum is beyond beautiful and I plan on returning very soon before the year is over.

I always hated planning trips because of 1. I don't have the time and 2. I really don't have the time. I called my dear friend Liz who is the owner of Wandherlust Travels and told her what my interest was for my birthday trip. I wanted to enjoy Tulum and what it had to offer so excursions was a must. Bae, on the other hand, wanted to be boring and at least get one beach day in so I also told her to squeeze a little relaxation in as well just to be fair.

Flight and Accommodation

Leaving from New York to Tulum wasn't so bad. We arrived at the airport super early because I didn't know what to expect since we just recovered from a government shut down. We were able to leave on the 7 am flight instead of our scheduled 8 am flight which was a bonus. Unfortunately, we didn't have a direct flight so we had a layover in Chicago. A couple of hours later we arrived in Cancun and I was so fucking happy. Sometimes a change of scenery will do it to you!

My happiness later turned into frustration once we stood in line for almost two hours at customs. If I wasn't so angry, I would have taken a picture for you all to see this because it was pure bullshit. Chile when I tell you my anxiety was going through the roof. After finally going through customs, we later had to find the shuttle company that will take us to Tulum. Keep in mind there are no airports in Tulum as of yet, so you will have to travel to Cancun from your original destination and drive to Tulum which is an hour away. We went with Local Expert as our shuttle via Expedia and oh chile they made my nerves along with Bae's even worst. We didn't leave the airport until thirty to forty-five mins later and I was like never again. Between the on and off again thunderstorms and the long ride to Tulum, I was beyond annoyed. However, we arrived at our new home for the next couple of days and boy were we in for a treat.

O'Tulum Boutique Hotel for Adults

I have always been a beach/ocean type of girl so having an oceanfront view was a must. We decided on the Deluxe Suite Oceanfront with Balcony and Pungle Room. My favorite thing about this room is that we had our own private jacuzzi pool located on our balcony. Talk about sexy! However, the only downfall was the water was not so hot. So throughout our stay, we didn't use it as much which sucks but there were other perks.

There were two outdoor pools, one was an infinity pool and there was a bigger pool on the main floor along with cabanas. The restaurant at our hotel is called Costa-Brava and the food there was so delicious. I had the shrimp nachos and it was beyond yummy. Just thinking about it is making my mouth salivate.

In addition, the customer service was very good as well. If I am not mistaken our go-to guy name was Christian and he was very helpful with making sure we were comfortable throughout our stay. So besides the water not being hot in our jacuzzi, I definitely recommend O'Tulum for your stay in Tulum.

BTW: The only thing I didn't like was the fare for cab rides! They were so expensive! We were only in my opinion, fifteen minutes away from the places we wanted to go and they were charging almost $20 dollars per ride. That was beyond annoying!

Listed below are some details for each picture!

  1. The O’Tulum concierge decorated our room for my birthday!

  2. This is a picture of the ocean from my room. i miss this view so much!

  3. The jacuzzi on our balcony with no hot water! Talk about a DAGGER!

  4. Me trying on my Pu$$y lashes from Ebone’ Beauty! One of my favs!

  5. My shrimp nachos I told yall about from Costa Brava! So yummy!

  6. My birthday cake from Costa Brava!

  7. We spent the day on the beach at our hotel and ordered food from Costa Brava!

  8. Happy girls are the prettiest!


Private Tulum Street Art and Food Tour By Bike

Bae and I both love street art and food so Liz and I thought it would be cool to book us a private tour. Our tour guide Frank was very knowledgable on giving us insight on the history of Tulum and its culture. We literally rode our bikes around the city for over three hours and once we were done I was tired chile. In addition, I fell off my bike and broke my Chanel sandal so that also added to my tiredness. I ain't gon lie, when I fell off that bike, that shit was funny as hell lol.

For me, the best part of the trip was seeing how engaged Bae was into the tour. I knew once he started asking mad questions and taking notes, that was an indicator that Bae was having a good time. We learned that the art throughout the city is real images of people that live in Tulum today. There is even a funny picture of kids hanging from a wall on a billboard which represents how the Mexicans feel about the wall. If you have no clue on what I am talking about, shame on you and Google it.

The best part of this tour is that we got the chance to meet some of the artists that commissioned a lot of the work in Tulum. We stopped by their workspace called Tinasah and we were in for a treat. Tinasah is a self-organized autonomous art project ran by a collective of artists from different countries that share the same aim; to promote and to celebrate art, using Tulum’s walls as their gallery. I thought it was so cool to actually meet each artist and hear more of their story and how they all came together. If you are ever in Tulum, stop by and tell them the kid sent you!

Listed below are some details for each picture!

  1. Here I am at The Weary Traveler Hostel. The Weary Traveler Hostel was started by backpackers for backpackers back in the year 2000. The hostel was built around what they themselves wanted to find in a good hostel when they were traveling.

  2. This is a picture of a cenote monster! Also, this is where my tour guide Frank 1st office was located at as well. I see you Frank!

  3. One of the local artists drew kids from the neighborhood hanging from “the wall”. As you can see, they don’t take #45 serious with this whole wall talk.

  4. Tinasah and me at their headquarters! They are responsible for alot of the artwork you see throughout Tulum! Such cool people!

  5. This picture means “You deserve what you dream”! Love this!

  6. A local home and I fell in love with it!

  7. Another piece of art we found during our tour!

Mayan Ruins Tour

This was such a treat for us to take a trip back in time to the mysterious Maya Ruins. I was just in awe at how beautiful the Maya Ruins is in person. The fact that this was built without any technology that we have today just amazes me. Our tour guide did such an amazing job with providing such valuable information on the ancient civilization. He made sure that we understood the theories about Mayan rituals, worship, and daily life as we walked around the site's clifftop Castillo. I was so impressed with how well kept the Maya Ruins look after all these years. There is also a beach known as the Cenote Dos Ojos that is right by the Maya Ruins and that was another breathtaking moment. I mean it was absolutely beautiful and breathtaking!

The Town

Think of The Town as the Manhattan in New York. The Town is combined with restaurants, shops, and clubs that you can enjoy during a night out. I think we went to The Town almost every day and tried several restaurants. The food and drinks were delicious and so affordable. I got my souvenirs from there as well and for the most part, everything was pretty reasonably priced. We didn't get a chance to venture out to other parts of Tulum due to time restrictions but The Town literally had everything we needed. Oh BTW, stop by this cute restaurant called Pamparius that is located in The Town. They were so sweet to us and literally had the best freshly made smoothies ever!

Listed below are some details for each picture!

  1. This was taken at Pamparius! The staff here were super nice and the smoothies was so good!

  2. Another picture from Pamparius! Such a cute restaurant!

  3. Birthday cake at a local restaurant in The Town.

Fine Dining

The Moro Restaurant

The Moro Restaurant is breathtaking and it is definitely not your regular restaurant. This boho-chic restaurant is alongside the white sand beach and turquoise water with an ambiance that is so relaxing that you will not want to leave! This private area of the Habitas Tulum provided us a private yet relaxed experience that I will always remember plus the food and drinks were delicious. I strongly recommend attending The Moro Restaurant but book ahead of time. This spot is definitely a favorite amongst the locals and the tourists. I am so happy I spent my birthday here! So beautiful!

Papaya Playa Project

Liz insisted that it was a must to visit Papaya Playa Project and she was absolutely right. This place was beyond cool and I loved our cabana. Our cabana was facing the oceanfront while we ordered food and drinks from our personal server. This is another place that is always booked and busy so I recommend that you make reservations ahead of time. This is definitely a place where you can go and relax for hours with your boo.

Listed below are some details for each picture!

  1. Me looking cute! Loved this swimsuit!

  2. Our cabana at the Papaya Playa Project! It looks small in the picture but it is for sure roomy inside.

Overall I do recommend taking a cute trip with your boo to Tulum. This trip was so peaceful yet amazing. Hopefully, soon I will be going back and I already have an idea of where I want to stay at and activities planned out. Yes, I am that nutty lol!

Comment below and tell me some of your favorite things to do in Tulum!