Essence Beauty Carnival Recap


I had the chance to attend Essence Beauty Carnival held at Pier 36 in New York City. Essence Beauty Festival is the ultimate celebration of black beauty where you could indulge in curated shopping experiences, beauty influencers and experts dropping gems, and a long-lasting experience that embodies #blackgirlmagic. This was a two-day event filled with interviews from the likes of Iman, Ciara, Yandy Smith-Harris, Jackie Aina and that's just to name a few. There was cute installations where guests were able to learn more about the evolution of beauty for women of color. The installations were so informative and reminded me of my favorite beauty products that were staples during my childhood. Yall remember the hair grease called Blue Magic?! Such an oldie yet goodie.

I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed shopping with the vendors. It is so hard to find a marketplace that syncs well with the theme of the event and Essence got it right! I had the pleasure of meeting with some of the owners of the brands and even showed my support to them by spending a couple of coints. Listen I know how it feels to talk all day and night to people in hopes of them purchasing your product and when they don’t, it can be pretty exhausting and annoying. (I'm just being honest) So it's important that we don't all day people.

Here are some of my favorite moments during the Essence Beauty Carnival along with the products I couldn't resist!



This year I decided that I wanted to wear only low maintenance hairstyles because as you all know, this year is dedicated to the hustle and bustle. I've been doing more research on products that are really good for hair growth and moisture and I came across Girl + Hair. I noticed that the Target in my neighborhood sells this particular product and I couldn't wait to purchase it after work. Chile, could you believe they were sold out! I was tight! Fast forward to now, I was so excited to see Girl + Hair as one of the vendors.

Girl + Hair is founded by Dr. Camille Verovic, who was also looking for a product with effective natural ingredients for natural girls. Unfortunately, she was not able to attend the Essence Beauty Carnival but I had the pleasure of meeting her husband. I was impressed that he was very knowledgable on the struggles that women of color faced when it comes to our natural hair. I mean he is married to a black woman so it's only right. I purchased the Travel Kit which includes a cleanser, conditioner, and a restore/moisturizing product. To learn more about this brand, please click here.


As I was walking by, this particular brand caught my eye and the name of the brand instantly reminded me of the south. Pholk is a vegan skincare brand created by Niambi, who is not only an inclusive beauty expert but an African Diaspora scholar. Pholk is literally made out of love especially for women of color because Niambi understood the frustration that many of us brownies face: hyperpigmentation, oily/combination skins, and ingrown hairs.

I got a chance to speak to Niambi and we had so much in common! She’s from Kentucky and I’m from Tennessee so we instantly bonded over our deeply southern roots and our love for Beyonce’s Homecoming. Since I didn’t have a toner in my skin care regimen, I purchased the Honeysuckle Rose Face Mist. I've been using this to cleanse my face in the morning and so far I am loving it. Click here to read more about Pholk and support my fellow southerner.

There was such a huge crowd surrounding this brand and my little nosey ass couldn’t resist. Elo is a vegan lifestyle brand with an ultra moisturizing collection of lip balms that are wax free and fragrances that are alcohol-free. There are eleven options of lip balms to choose from and they are all edible. I also thought it was cool that all lip balms are made weekly. I purchased their Nude because a girl could never have too many nudes. Don’t live in New York? Don’t fret! Click here to visit their online store and plus its free shipping! Thank me later.


When I read that this company was made by vaginas for vaginas, I had to stop by. The Honey Pot Company is the first plant based feminine care system powered by herbs. I love the fact that the founders took into consideration that all vaginas are not the same, hence the reason why they have three different systems each designed to cleanse, protect, and balance your love below. The Honey Pot Company was created due to the founder suffering with bacterial vaginosis for 8 months. She talks about how her ancestor came to her dreams one night and gave her the ingredients to create an effective formula, and boom, The Honey Pot Company was born.

I had the pleasure of meeting one of the Co-Founders, Linda. Linda was extremely helpful in my decision making and I purchased both Mommy to Be Wipes and Mommy to Be Wash. I actually used one of the wipes for the first time today and it was so refreshing. Not to be too TMI, but I really love how the wipes were comfortable to use. It didn’t feel too harsh against my lady part and it didn’t irritate me at all. For more information and to support, please click here.

Next up I had the pleasure of hearing some inspiration from some ladies that I admired in their industries. Here are some of my favorite moments from the guest speakers!

I saw the beautiful supermodel and the ultimate Professional Homegirl Iman. She is so beautiful and I remember growing up wanting to be just like her. One of my favorite moments from her is when she said that sometimes we become so fixated with bringing something to someone else's table that we sometimes lose sight on our own goals. Instead, she recommended that we should bring our own table and focus on our own stuff. I thought that was so needed for everyone to hear because we all become so fixated with trying to fit in with other crowds that we forget that our own crowd is somewhere looking for us. Always remember your vibe attracts your tribe.

I always admired Yandy Smith Harris hustle so much. I remember when I first got introduced to her from reality tv and you would always see her getting to the bag. Fast forward to the Yandy we know now, she has definitely evolved. During her segment Glow While Your Grind, she talked about how she balances between personal and professional growth. she gave great tips on the importance of prayer, minding your business, and drinking tons of water. I know it sounds cliche' but those three are such huge factors into having peace around you.


Lastly, I was super excited to see Jackie Aina. It was refreshing to see that she is the same way in person as she is on social media. I always loved how transparent Jackie about her life and her transition from the army to Youtube Star. I feel like Jackie is always constantly dropping gems on us on a daily basis. One of the gems that I took away from her discussion is the importance of speaking up but doing so with tact. So in other words, voice your opinion but pick and choose your battles though.

Overall, I really enjoyed myself during this year’s Essence Beauty Carnival. I enjoyed it so much that I will be applying to be a vendor for Ebone’ Beauty next year so say a little prayer for the kid! I’ll keep y’all posted with the deers!

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the pictures below! I also saw a couple of my readers/listeners there too and that really made my day. If you ever see me in these skreets, say hey!