Fenty Pop Up: How Networking Across Helped Me See Rihanna and Her Collection

I know that I am a little late with this but hey better late than never right? So a while ago, I posted this picture of me at the Fenty Collection pop up event in New York City. Click here to see the picture and shame on you if you are not following me on the gram. A lot of my PHG readers have been asking me how did I get invited and how do I know where all the cool events are at. I would love to take the credit for most of it but honestly and truly, I just can't. I must give credit to the power of networking. 

You may not realize this but you are the common denominator when it comes to networking with the right people which will help you get into the right doors. To network with the right people, you must understand that there are three types of directions when it comes to the power of networking. Listed below are the three types along with the benefits that come from each one:

  1. Networking Up: These are the people that you pray you to get a chance to meet in hopes of them dropping all the latest gems that you normally would have to pay for. They can help you with accessing the right resources and opportunities to help you along the way but the encouragement that you might receive from them is priceless. This will definitely be the boost that you need for your confidence within yourself and for your business.

  2. Networking Across: These are your peers. Building strong committed relationships with your peers is extremely important. I can't emphasize enough how important it is to nurture this relationship because:

    1. they definitely share similar experiences like you

    2. they can show you how to do things more efficiently

    3. you will have a partner for life. How do you think the "networking up" people got started? Trust, they didn't do it alone.

  3. Networking Down: These are the people that are up next. They are just as hungry as you if not more. Furthermore, you were once in their shoes. Always be mindful not to look down on them unless you helping them up.

With the Fenty pop up situation, I have a homegirl that works closely with Rihanna's people. I met my homegirl maybe a year or so ago and we just clicked right away. We are constantly talking to each other about our goals and giving each other advice on how to achieve them. One day she was telling me that she was invited to the Fenty pop up and how she could bring a plus one. Yo, when I tell you how I almost lost my shit. Of course she looked out for the kid but I couldn't believe it. That's when I realized that sometimes the people right across from you will be the ones that will have your best interest at heart.

At the event, I talked to pretty much any and everybody that would listen to me. Networking Tip: Always look your best. Everybody loved my outfit, so a lot of people were coming up to me with compliments and that was my opportunity to introduce myself and my brand. Chile my homegirl couldn't believe how I was working that room. I wasn't playing no games.

I hope my story inspires you to stop being so scary and to start talking to the homegirl next to you. I'm telling you, the power of networking is so powerful and in order to progress in life, this is one of the essential keys to do it. Plus, I saw Rihanna that night and wow! What a goddess. She looked and smelled like money! Just look for yourself! BTW, to my homegirl that looked out for the kid, thank you! You a real one!

Comment below and tell me your thoughts on the types of networking!

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