I'm Back! Did You Miss Me?

Did you miss me? I said DID YOU MISS ME? Ok, let me turn my caps off lol. It's been a while since I wrote a post here but I have good reasons. No, really I do. If you been with me since day one, I have stated that I struggle with balancing everything in my life. Granted, I am working hard because I know dreams do come true, but chile it has been a struggle. 

This has been one of my most challenging yet best years so far. For starters, I am in a place of welcoming change. It took me a long time to finally realized that I deserve more and most importantly I am enough. My therapist (and yes she is a black woman and she is everything) finally got it into my head that it is time for me to change certain things in my life that is heavily affecting my stress and anxiety levels. So I will keep you all posted with one of the changes that I am in the process of changing that I know will greatly affect my restraint from smacking a bitch. Lol no seriously. 

Another thing I can say that I am so proud of is The PHG Podcast is growing and it's growing fast. I have met so many incredible women either through interviewing them or from just supporting the kid, but my podcast has been one of my greatest creations. I am excited to announce the following updates that I am currently working on:

  1. The website is coming soon!

  2. The Professional Homegirl Facebook Group is LIVE! This will be where we all will come together and kee kee about past and upcoming episodes. Also, it will be a place to meet like-minded women to share gems as well to become better versions of ourselves. Click here to join now.

  3. MERCH is on the way! Ugh, the merch is super cute!

So if you haven't listened to an episode, stop reading this now and go listen to the podcast here. It's so good. Seriously. Also, please leave a review for the podcast and don't forget to share with your other homegirls. 

As for Ebone' Beauty, I am working on a few accounts. So don't be surprised if you see my babies in a store near you. I have always been a student of the beauty industry and I can't wait to grow my baby even more. I am being more strategic with how I want to move with Ebone' Beauty because let's be honest, I am not superwoman and neither are you. It's important to be strategic especially when a market is overly saturated so marketing and values are key. Trust me, it's no easy feat but it will be so rewarding in the future. Think about it, would you rather your brand be slow-cooked or microwaved? Ohhh that was deep.

As you can see, I've been super busy with both of my babies but I managed to find some time to travel with my baby favah. Earlier in the year, we visited Reyjavick (one day I will share this lemon to lemonade story with you all), visiting family and friends in Baltimore, and recently I just got back from Miami. It's important to know when it's time to stop and just enjoy life. I have been receiving so many questions asking me if I was pregnant and the answer is NO. Lol. I just don't have time to post pictures of me in cute outfits at cute places if it's not making me any money. And if it's not about making the bottom line, what is it about?

Overall, as you can see, your very own PHG has been busy busy. However, I am back. Comment below and let me know what you been up these past couple of months!

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Until next time PHGs,