2017 Taught Me Endurance

I'm currently laying in my bed listening to my new favorite artist Sabrina Claudio (thank me later) and started to think about what 2017 have taught me. 2017 was definitely a year of ENDURANCE. I am here to tell you that anything worth having is worth fighting for and I was not giving up on anything that had my name, Ebone', on it!

Earlier this year I was working two jobs praying my way through, begging God to see me through. I was so stressed out that it literally felt like I was going through the motions (read here on how I gave my last job the deuces). I would cry to my boyfriend every night telling him how miserable I was at both my jobs and how I felt like giving up. Shout out to him for holding me down and not leaving my crybaby ass. Lol.

Every day I would say out loud that I would have a new job before Fall. By August 21st, I was offered a full-time job with a company that I was obsessed with. Imagine if I would have given up and compromise my trust in God for a temporary situation? If you can see the invisible, you can definitely do the impossible.  

In addition, I haven't really come to terms with my Nana's transition (click here to read about how we gave Alzheimer's one hell of a fight) and I still struggle with the fact that she's no longer here physically. My Nana was my everything and she was the one person who I knew loved me unconditionally. However, I feel her presence around me every day and that definitely brings me comfort and peace. 

I say all this to say that you are not alone in whatever hardships you may be facing. I know at times it seems difficult but you have to trust God and keep going. Build that endurance up and have faith in yourself that you will come out on top. Sometimes I even surprise myself at my growth because I didn't recognize my own strength (cues the great late Whitney Houston).

I encourage you to speak life and positivity over your hardships and know that tough times don't last. Speak the life that you want into existence and to remember this one thing: Praying and worrying do not go in the same sentence. This too shall pass sis!

If you need someone to talk to, please email me at hello@theprofessionalhomegirl.com!