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First of all, thank you so much for your interest in wanting to share your story on The Professional Homegirl. #PHG is a women's lifestyle blog that balances career topics, entrepreneurial tips, and everything in between that a homegirl would need to become the best version of herself. We are currently looking for dope women to share their stories in the following areas: Beauty, Girl Talk, Inspiration, Money, Self Care, Travel, Art, Love and Work.




We have all learned so many different lessons in life (some not by choice) and why not share those gems to help and/or inspire other homegirls out that might really need the advice. Please make sure to include the following with your submission: An Image of Yourself, Occupation, Location, and Website (if applicable)


Wanna put on for your own Professional Homegirl? Whether it's your wife,  girlfriend, best friend, sister, or just a phenomenal woman that's out here getting to it, you can now show some appreciation by giving her a special shout out on our platform. Submit a picture of her explaining why she is your Professional Homegirl and make sure to include both Instagram handles from you and her as well. Can't wait to see who the special lady is! If interested submit your stories below and include in the subject line: MY PROFESSIONAL HOMEGIRL IS (INSERT NAME)


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